Sunday, February 13, 2011

Krazy Garlik: Giddy over garlic

This is probably the only restaurant where the secret formulation is trumpeted along with their brand name. That secret? Garlic.

Though it has been a common denominator of all cuisine types from virtually all cultural landscape, it remained a hidden secret that makes a dish 10times tastier than without it.

The reckoning force behind a garlic bulb has been the compelling concept of one of the Bistro's Group restaurants, Krazy Garlik at the Greenbelt 5. It is operated by the same restauranteurs as Flapjacks, TGIF, Fish & Co, and Italiannis. Though plain and simple garlic infusion as the primordial ingredient of their menu, there is a continuing tipping point to it--- having lots of garlic spells fantastic concoction, but too much of it also spoils into a distasteful course. The Krazy Garlik have found a way to perfectly blend garlic into all their entrees, the way it should be.

The interior has a bistro type, no less, ambiance with multi-colored glass blocks, red painted tables, cocoon-style lamps, and an Alice in Garlicland design elements of their dining wall.

What's up for grab that day? Fettuccini Oriente(Php465 + 10% SC), and Garlic Snowflake Pizza(Php385 + 10% SC). The Fettuccini Oriente is served with Chinese greens and creamy seafood sauce with plump shrimps and seashells. Another mouthwatering goodness is the Garlic Snowflake Pizza topped with shrimps, pineapple and garlic flakes.

Capping off our gastronomic journey are Blueberry Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream(Php395 + 10% SC), Apple Juice(Php85 + 10% SC) and Infinity Lemonade(Php110 + 10%SC).

Whether the garlic comes in crushed or chopped, sauteed or roasted, Krazy Garlic made it perfectly sumptuous.

In the pic is me holding a $50 Australian dollar. The transparent section of the paper bill catches my fancy.


  1. wow looks yummeh! i love everything you ordered

    nice looking bill too~

  2. @Katey: gusto ko sana mag Crispy Pata and Hara Kiri but i am not feeling well that day, so iwas karneh muna.

  3. yeah, sayang lang if your just going to vomit everything. hehe

    it's a must try, now i have a long list of restaurants to try out.

  4. I wanted to try that resto kaya lang its far from me.. ang cute nung mga garlic stuffed toy nila..heehee

  5. @Katey: it helps talaga when restaurants flag a star of their bestsellers on their menu para unang tingin mo agad kita mo na kung ano oorderin mo. Krazy Garlik does that too. kaya kahit iwas karneh ako, i still have other options to choose from.

  6. @Peach: oh yeah, i noticed SM The Block and Trinoma mostly kinakainan mo. i'm from QC too but i am a voracious vagabond. :)

  7. Masarap nga dito! :D I keep eating the softened garlic. I liked all of their dishes except the garlic creme brule.

  8. @Smarla: gusto ko nga sana tikman yung Hara Kiri at Garlicky Crispy Pata.


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