Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Celebrity Gym

For me to be able to maintain relatively normal shape while being a self-professed foodie, I hit the gym thrice a week at the least.

True enough, Gold's Gym is a fitness haven for most celebrities, a convergence point of those who, at their intermission find time to work out, as this is a lot closer to the country's two rival TV stations, GMA7 and ABS-CBN.

No wonder in my most of my fitness sessions, I always bumped into with celebrities and renowned characters. And most of the time, these people have terrific PR skills, as they are always warm, exchange funny antics, and smiled at everyone. Maybe their interpersonal skills are honed because of their TV exposure? Or that they are forced to smile to obtain leverage of patronage for their upcoming shows. Hahaha, I am so sinister. But such a gesture is appreciated.

But to tell you honestly, unlike their studios, this is a place where they are as ordinary as WE are. People just mind their own businesses without prying eyes as to who they are running aside with in the treadmill stations, or stretching beside with in the group exercise rooms. Although I don't really frequent myself in the group exercise room because that is where most women stay. While us men preferred to thrive on the weights area.

So who says you need to be in the studio to find stars. Hit the gym and you'll find them there.

This picture was taken a the locker room wall of Gold's Gym in Victoria Towers where I am frequently gym-ing at.


  1. It's great that you are getting exercise. I don't really go to the gym. I try to work-out at home,though...

  2. @Peach: kelangan eh. ayoko kase tumaba ng husto kakakain.

  3. si john ray, celebrity na talaga! hanggang gym!

  4. @ladyE: bwahahaha. ang kikinang ng mga kutis ng mga artista dito. di ako bagay dito. dapat yata dun nalang ako sa gym malapit sa baranggay namin.

    pagmag-Hi nga sila sa akin, minsan naisip ko na baka pinagkamalan lang nila akong producer.


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