Friday, July 2, 2010

Mobile Lures

This is the season when I am so bent in having a MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz and an HTC Legend Android 2.1 phone. I am teetering a buying frenzy to have them that every time I pass by a Mac shop or an HTC Concept Store, I am tempted to swipe them off my credit card.

As to the question of why the two, I should say I am the rabid kind when it comes to technology optimization and adaptation, and once that is satiated, it leaves me with death-infusing boredom. Yes, I get bored with iPhone interface that I want an HTC Sense UI. And the HTC Legend's gorgeous unibody compliments well with Macbook's Aluminum unibody too, as if they are both tailored-fit with one another.

What's holding me back individually are: MacBook Pro: even the 13inch is way too heavy for my dear shoulder. HTC Legend: it is cut short in terms of size and processing power.

What's holding me both is that they might be a budget overkill. I need a laptop for my writing endeavor only, and a mobile phone for my day to day contact need. Those are basic needs any basic device can function and provide. Even if I can get a significant discount of $100 and a free 8GB iPod Touch for the purchase of a Macbook Pro, shelling out a $1,220(inclusive of iWork and tax) for a notebook I just use for basic research and casual browsing regimen just doesn't cut it. And not only that, add up a Php32k for the HTC Legend boarded a whopping Php87k-90k of hard-earned money's worth.

So what now, to buy or not to buy.

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