Friday, July 2, 2010

Legendary Insatiables

Fresh from traversing the metropolitan heart of the Land of the Rising Sun, some good ol' friends called me and invited me to a yet another oriental landscape, this time in our very own backyard, nestled in the compound of PICC's Boom na Boom. The name of the place is Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant.

True to their word, Legend even brims a pride of having a Hong Kong-find culinary master.

Unlike any restaurants that we went into where we only ordered a nubbin just to taste their house specialty, this time, we ordered almost everything on the menu, almost every gourmet and flagship recipe. Served one after the other, it turned out to be a night of overflowing satisfaction. A gastronomic challenge to us all was how to stuff a relentless luxuriation of recipe one after the other into our already and almost-maxed out stomach.

Based on what I can recall and my limited culinary jargons, we devoured Hot & Sour Soup Sze Chuan Style, Steamed Lobster with Garlic, Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet w/ Bean Curd Taosi Sauce, Steamed Crab with Chinese wine & Eggwhite, plus a lot more our stomach hopes to stuff and tongues to taste. There was even a Roasted Pigeon and a Sea Cucumber that I forgot what the name is, but they taste so delectably good. All that complimented by a bottle of widely recognized Sauvignon wine.

With predominantly wenge-colored furnitures, the ambiance feels like a good Cantonese Hongkong-style Chinese food haven of sort.

And since the place is authentically Chinese, what more could you expect than our Chinese folks in a deluge number that you would think you're in a Mano Po set.

My friend feels otherwise, he feels like blackanese Chris Tucker damned in the suburbs of China in Rush Hour movie.

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