Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swiss-made chrono coolness

The cliche goes that men's bragging right is measured by the esoteric set-up of his car, his position in the company is gauged by the prestige of his pen, and his financial stature is appraised by the worth of his wrist watch.

Watch is the only basic staple of jewelry worn by men. And while I am not into the brimming pride of flashing my assets and liabilities, I for one, also love watches, as women into diamonds.

Lately, I am in a frantic search to find an everyday watch. While there are numerous brands out there that I so much heart, like Baume&Mercier, Breitling, Tissot, etc, they are by far only best worn during special occasions, black tie affair mostly.

So I went into watch shops yesterday, from Chronos to Washington to other exotic, hard to find, seldom-found jewelry shops that occasionally offer gorgeous time pieces that don't actually put you upscale in your day to day grind. Although, they are still an inviting glitter that magnetizes crooks and thugs in the streets, they are relatively practical than wearing Rolex or Patek Philippe.

After leaving from my unofficial office, Blenz Canadian Coffee, I passed by a boutique that sells high-end watches like Hamilton, Tudor, Tag, and Tissot. The bout was Swiss legacy vs Japanese movement. I grabbed the Swiss-made chrono watch even if the price is ridiculously higher than the Japanese technology, because of the design factor and.. well, brand. How else can I emphasize that this is Swiss-made. All my watches are dress/trend watches like Guess, Fossil, and Kenneth Cole, and this is my first Swiss-watch to boot. (seen in the pic side by side with my MacBookPro)

And once again, as the cliche goes, the rest is history.


  1. Nice watch! Any swiss knife freebies?

  2. Nice watch Sir! What's the model? Is it Maverick or Summit? Any freebies?

    See... What you think?

    You are darn rich my friend. I remember your fondness of pancit as your comfort food. Those were the days. Hehehe...


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