Sunday, June 27, 2010

Linga Sharira

What so nice about being a bachelor is the vigor of vagabond that you get to go wherever you want to go and you get to taste the good food bustling inside it.

The uninviting thing is traveling alone and relying on your Filipino street skills in deciphering spoken tongue, street signs, and incomprehensible words of a foreign land.

Yes, they may have convenience marts as conveniently located every nook and corner a la our very own 7-11, but the merchandise are printed in their language.

And they may have variety of dishes, some are rarely delicious, some are just plain shabby and pricey, but the unsavory part is the ordering of the menu, perusing foreign name of dishes, and aligning your local taste bud to their offerings.

The most delightful part, and I'm sure most will pretty agree, is technology dive. Oh yes, you get to swim into the oceans of their technology rooted into their cultures and aiding into their daily lives. Unveiling right before your very eyes is an undulation that awaits to happen. Laptops, cellphones, communication technology, household automations, internet displays and new marketing channeling techniques, every state-of-the-art proliferation parading straight into your senses, and you'd marvel at how great this nation is, probably at par with the West. It's the linga sarira of power, I should say.

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