Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clinkers of Palm Proficiency

It has been almost 8years that this group once forge to create a community of gadget enthusiasts, particularly Palm PDA. It was wayback when PDAs are the ultimate iconography of mobility, having been able to bring the entire office with you at the palm of your hand, and with only a pocket as your carryall investment.

Palm although fizzled in the arena of handheld devices with only a handful of products that were able to make its way to the consumer market. But the group still stands, with solidarity fostered from technobabbles into life-changing talks.

This time however, gadget talks have become more heterogenous, from MacBook to netbooks, from iPhone to Blackberry, from WinMo to Android. Brand has never been group's restrain anymore, rather it has become a moving shore of open talks and democratic discourse.

Apart from the Music21(Timog) event that had the group rigged in spanking riots and endless laughter, this time we had it frolicking ourselves like kids out of rascal reserves, at McDonald's Green Meadows, where the spirit of youthfulness teemed with unadulterated fun. 

Yes, several years and counting and so much have changed, from the surnames to additional joys in the family. And change is what even cemented the group's friendship, transitioning from the kindred passion towards technology to a bond of life that goes beyond the changing of the season.

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