Monday, June 21, 2010

Dipping into the Android shore

I should have been all set by now. All my luggages should be kept with clothes primed for my travel. But I still feel like an embryonic mite trying to get a whole out of me. So what's the missing link. Oh yes, the place enjoys the privilege of having no import tax and no VAT, that in itself adorned them as a shopping capital of Asia. It's not the rudimentary travelogue checklist, not the luggages or clothes, not toiletries and perfumes, nor corporate portfolio and business materials, but a long list of to-buy-items.

Number one on my list: Android Mobile Phone

Yes, it was my birthday last week, and annually I'm having a ceremonial rite of rewarding myself every birthday. Last year, I got myself an iPhone 3GS. This year, I am hunting for an Android prey. Why Android amidst the flurry of the iPhone 4G hype right now? It is because I am getting a bit bored of the iPhone interface. I have literally tasted all phone OS'es from WinMo to iPhone OS, Symbian to Brew, that I want to try another variant, and the one that I haven't tasted yet is the flavor that is an Android.
Here are what I have been teetering as my choices, with its accompanying grins and grimaces hoping that you can also help me in my buying decision.

HTC Legend:
What's hot: 1) made of unibody Aluminum material, same as that of MacBook Pro unibody 2) uses HTC Sense as an Android layer; What's not: 1) 400Mhz short of the 1Ghz Qualcomm power of HTC Desire 2) only 320x480 HVGA Resolution 3) its cuteness also brings cramped onscreen keyboard

HTC Desire:
What's hot: 1) 1GHz horsepower via Qualcomm 2) 480x800 WVGA Resolution 3) HTC Sense UI; What's not: 1) I am not appealed by the rounded corners 2) I don't like its hardware buttons, or its placement 3) battery life is tad too low

Google Nexus One:
What's hot: 1) It's Google, with no fancy UI at its layer, so it will most likely get updates ahead from those with UI due to customization adjustment; What's not:
1) I don't like the old Blackberry senseware navigation button because it accummulates dirt and will somehow stop working

I went to HTC Concept Shop at SM North Annex Cyberzone but reading the brochures and fiddling demo just doesn't cut it. Also, not in the picture were Motorola Milestone and Samsung Galaxy S. While Motorola Milestone has a slid-physical QWERTY/QWERTZ(depending on your region) keyboard, it has no HTC Sense UI which I really find handy and attractive. Samsung Galaxy S probably leads the band of Android brothers, by having a huge 4inch screen and a SuperduperAMOLED screen, its camera doesn't have a flash. And a camera is a necessity for me because I am a mobile photographer, I travel light and easy, but I write articles too which in most cases require photographs as unequivocal iota of proof.

But if anyone out there forgets to grab me a gift for my birthday, I can accept anything amongs the list. If you're constraints with shoe-stringed budget, an HTC Legend will suffice. Current SRP is Php31,900, but I think is just around Php22,000(peso equivalent) in HongKong. Now, I am already giving you a favor by giving away that price point, all you have to do is to swipe your credit card.


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