Sunday, June 6, 2010

Astronomy: the why and wherefore of mobility

After having a sumptuous lunch at the Persian Grill, and drown myself with the metropolitan's tastiest Biryani and Lamb Keema, I headed off to Manila Planetarium(near Manila Hotel) to attend our monthly meeting. Oh, haven't I mentioned that I reprised my affinity and ardor towards hardcore science? Being an officer of an astronomy society in Cebu is my ticket to ride at the Philippine's premiere astronomy organization, ALP. 

While most people advocated charity outreach, I participated in educational programs. As an old adage says "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Heterogenous it may seem, we share common goal, to make astronomy reachable to all sectors of community, academic, commercial or recreational. Some colleagues have grad studies in MS Astronomy, some are astrophotographers since time immemorial, some are nature-trekkers who evangelized the socio-environmental significance by partaking astronomy in it, others are pure hobbyists. Asked about my fervent interest in astronomy, I'd say it is "astrophysics." It is in the dissection of the quantum components of celestial bodies that we will be able to understand our beginning and help determine our future as an intelligent race. The essence of our humanity is being able to steward our habitat and the symbiosis of life that comes along with it. While some ventured in the visual appreciation and practical side of astronomy and photography combined, I on the other hand, choose to thrive on the situational astronomy, the what-if's and how-come's, the logic of cosmic entropy.  

As my physics professor and astronomy mentor, Christopher Go, puts it, "let the meek inherit the Earth, the rest of us shall travel to the stars."

And speaking of Chris, I would like to take this chance in congratulating him for a yet another contribution in the science community, duly acknowledged by NASA, the recent Jupiter cosmic impact. 

Since this blog caters to mobility, I would probably be lodging some hot topics on mobile astronomy, or an astronomy that spans beyond terrestrially-fixated observatories. But still, as a technology writer, it will always be technology-centric. Besides, astronomy is essentially the why and wherefore of mobility as our galactic plane is constantly moving.  

In a country where education is largely left off in favor of entertainment and sports, I once and for all, took the road less traveled. 

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