Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amenities of mobility

Just recently I was at a place where I disdained from being at. Neither because I earned bad memories of being subjected to doctors with similar mold as that of a science fiction's mad scientist nor am I afraid of needles, but because it is a place I don't want my dearest folks in the family yard to end up at. Had it not been for the first bundle of joy of friends Mike and Mayumi, I wouldn't have been in where am conspicuously brushing aside.

It came to a surprise to me that hospitals nowadays address the infallible need to get connected through the information superhighway called "world wide web."

I hope other service-oriented establishments like airline ticketing offices, LTO, Meralco, etc. will follow the lead, as chances are, if you're availing any of their services, you'd most likely have to wait eons of time before you get heeded. And either you have to kill your besetting boredom, or you have to convert wasted time of waiting to a productive mobile businesses.

Going back, I made my first hospital-based Facebook wall post inside the private room of St.Luke's. Not only do I find the internet speed to be relatively fast enough, but it was a well-kept room with up-to-date facilities.

The astronomer-side of me allegorically equate the feeling of my first Facebook post in a hospital be perhaps tantamount to man's first walk on the moon.

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  1. I wish the same thing, that other service-oriented establishments provide wifi access.


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