Sunday, September 6, 2009

Toshiba NB205-310: What's hot and what's not

Toshiba has been a purveyor of the mobile lifestyle ever since its inception in the digital age. It has done commendable jobs in churning out one of the best notebook lines in the form of Satellite, Tecra, and Protegee.

In our midst, at Asia Pacific Rim, it has a whole new different SKU and sub-branding nomenclature in the form of Libretto and Dynabook.

Today, albeit late, Toshiba once again conquered the comptuing market by storm by coming out a Toshiba NB205-310, a successor of the first netbook line NB205-210. The main difference being the keyboard lay out. The 210 has keys placed closed side by side each other reminiscent of HP Mini 1001TU. While the newer version 310, has a chiclet styled keys with spaces in between much like Sony Vaio and MacBooks.

I am lucky enough to own one and to have noticed some grins and grimaces of this generally lovely device. Lucky enough as this was coined to be the number one of the year's Top Ten netbooks by PC World. (

This unit has been serving as amy digital tyepwriter whenever there's a need for me to produce articles for my offshore and local publication endeavors, has been literally wherever I go, Cebu, Tagaytay, and Puerto Galera, most of which are pleasure trips.

Slapped with a 6cell battery and a 2GB of RAM as an upgrade from day one, here are the few what's hot and what's not, being the master of this unit.

1) Battery life is a monster, can endure 9hrs of battery when fully charged(and properly configured)
2) Faster app execution(but maybe because of my 2GB of RAM)
3) Nice keyboard feel
4) Crisp and bright display screen and clearly viewable even in side angles
5) Visually stunning design factor

1) Audio is tad too soft
2) Creaking sound when pressure is applied to its chassis. Makes you think that it might be a weak plastic construction
3) 6cell battery protrudes like a tail that extends at the back(not an issue for me though)
4) I don't like the keyboard holes bigger that the keys because it is a possible dust magnet
5) Bezel is too large(also not an issue for me)

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