Monday, September 21, 2009

Arsenals of Mobility

I have long been itching to write(or more appropriately, "publicize") what I have been donning everytime I turned mobile.

I fancy light travel and if only I can incorporate technology into my human bile system, I would probably have done it before. Has anybody from MIT developed nanotechnology cellphones that can text and dial at the volition of my thought?

If none yet, I don't have a choice but to square of some considerable weights whenever I'm on the road, for a meeting, symposium, and business travel.

Although Siemens didn't offer much travel privileges, I have my offshore endeavor that showered me with such concessions.

You heard it right, part of being a writer-in both literary and journalistic capacity, is to reap the benefit of travel here and abroad. And I have always been ecstatic whenever an oportune time comes, except for some minor repulse on humidity I always experience when I travel locally. But hey, we are a tropical country and in one way or another, my body will soon acclimatize.

Yes, so far, I have been to Cebu and CDO to cover local festivities, and whenever I pack things up, I only have my check-in luggage and my laptop bag, which is also where my other gadgets reside.

Luggage for my functional clothes. I don't bring clothes that I don't use or reserve for a chance that I might use it. If I run out of clothes anyway, I just rush into malls to get one. I have never been out into the Amazonesque type of remote regions not to find any decent clothing shop to drop by.

And of course, my laptop bag sans gadget container has these to boot.

1) Europack Messenger slash Body Bag(depends on how you carry it): It has pockets that contains my credit cards, cellphone units and chargers, passport, and my netbook plus AC Adapter. What's so charming with it is that it is not bulky, unlike other laptop gear bags. It is as it it is tailor-made for my Toshie nettie.

2) Toshiba NB205-310: Enthralled by its sleek look and awesome design philosophy, I bought this nettie out of sheer luck. I never thought reviews proved right that it has a monster battery. It can endure 9hours of straight computing and surfing marathon. Enough for me to either chat with boss, clients, and freinds while being able to churn out impressive knockdown powerful articles. I have spent almost the entire day at Starbucks but power dissipates only half of battery meter.

3) iPhone 3G: Who says infopreneurs like me don't know how to have fun. Well, you're wrong. In fact, as mundane as talking to flight attendants(noh, I'm not flirting) can be fun for us. But what more when my iPhone serves its entertainment purpose by letting watch my favorite TV series(Burn Notice, Leverage, Fringe, and 24) while I'm away, or at least playing some cool, smooth jazz to reinvigorate my wearsome itineraries. And finally, it served as a competent replavcement of my first MP3 player wayback 2003, the MPIO FY200 256MB(c/o Jason Teh) which only uses triple A battery to juice it up. But really, this iPhone acquisition is due to a man named Redford Larredo. Damn you Epoy! After a night of chat, he was able to gregariously lure my heart into buying this device that morning after.

4) Samsung i780: Thumboard-implemented PDAPhone which is also a touchscreen wonder when you don't want to use the mouse-like feature of the phone. Yes, it literally does wonders, and those were the reason why I grab this phone instead of the Blackberry 8520. I'd say that this is everything a businessman need. Great messenging application for both email and SMS, Opera Mini is a breeze, and a GPS to triangulate possible easy way points. I was never wrong to choose this instead of HP Ipaq Business Navigator after a week of use. Although the novelty of having a scroll wheel in the function of HP, much like an iPod wheel, I just couldn't bear the thought of doing mutiple presses to spawn letters when texting. I am such a classic typist. "One press, one letter" kind of person.

5) Samsung J600: I only use this if I know that someone out there who uses Sun cellular is about to call me. Most of which are personal related calls. But this is handy enough to be the third mohican in my pocket.

6) Smartbro USB Stick: Consider it the ammunition of my arsenals. Afterall what good is it for my devices without the ticket to the world wide web. Given as a gift from my brother, this has served me with the purpose of providing the pocket broadband, whenever wherever. Although I am planning to hit on Sun USB stick soon for another option.

7) CDR King 16GB USB Drive: CDR King has been the potpourri of accessories to compliment our gadget and mobile lifestyle. It has served as a commissary for literally almost all IT related products. And to have a USB drive is a basic staple. And as of this writing, the highest capacity avaiable in the mainstream market is the 16GB.

Of course, given all those arsenals of mobility requires healthy mind and body. And to keep myself rev'ed up into the demands of my travel, I bring in some regimens for a sensible lifestyle. Not a gadget by category but they aid me in the elaborate capitalization of my hardware. Yes, I control my hardware, not the other way around. And how else for me to be able to do it than with these:

1) Kyusoku Bihaku Glutathione Activator: I don't want to tattle you with classes on biochemistry but with the onslaught of glutathione products getting commercialized, you must have known the positive effects it can do to our body. KB, as what is commonly termed by beauty top brass, contains 480++mg of glutathione, the highest content so far, hence explains its effectivity in detoxifying our body through glutathione streams. KB combines free-components of gluta for better absorption and retention. It comes with Rosehips Vit C, especially formulated to aid in amino acid synthesis.

2) Metformin Hcl: The shuriken is for the Ninja, while the metformin for diabetics. Having had a diabetes mellitus since God knows when, this is also a must have pill I have to bring in my luggage. Contains molecular formula freely soluble in water to effectively lower down blood sugar. Spare me from discussing with you the dual hydriphuclic polymer matrix properties of it. What you need to know is, this is a diabetes drug.

3) Shisheido Whisis: It's an L-cysteine folks. It is not a glutathione but a potent one in whitening process. Three to five times more potent than glutathione. It works to suppress effects of melanin formation to elimninate dark areas of your skin like scars, acne, freckles, uneven skin tone, and sunburn. So if you're out in the sun even for just a minute, makes sure you have three tablets of this aside from your sunblock.

4) Cosmo Skin Grape Seed Extract: Before the glutathione came into hype and spririted trend, the most common sources of anti oxidants were Vit C. E, and beta-carotene. However these sources were not inexpugnable enough to combat free radicals and are excreted in the body within a short time of ingestion. Grape seed extract has been known to remain in the body for as long as three days, making this twenty times more potent than Vit C and fifty times stronger than Vit E. It is taken along with the glutathione regimen.

5) MAC Studio Fix: Don't get me wrong, I am neither gay nor have the tendency to be one. I am never bent to effy(short for effeminate). I only use press powder during special ocassions like cocktail evenst and product launchings. It's the most versatile press powder around, with great seemingly coverage. In fact, you might not even need a foundation already if you have this. It has the most excellent texture, and the MAC sales lady told me that the reason for being is that it went through the reifniery process three times, that is why the fine "granules" stayed into your skin astuteley, with an almost matte to dewey feel to it, and you need not retouch even after getting sweaty.

6) Nars Lip Gloss Harlow: Probably the most common lip products around, Nars Lip Gloss provides the gloss that naturally glides into your supple lips. Not so heavy, enough weight, and stays into your skin for as long as it can. It's a universally flattering shimmering goodness.

7) Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst in special atomizer bottle: Because Omnia product lines are housed in a ring designed bottles, lugging it around in your small laptop bag is a bit cumbersome. I put it inside the special bottle that I can easily slip into the bag pockets, preserving precious space that it requires. Its iridescenece amethyst fragrance is best for evening ocassions. Of course, you have to lightly apply it, you don't want your male colleagues smell that you're spraying female perfume, much worse to think that you're incurable womanizer that a women's smell sticks into your body all day long.

8) Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme: When The One was phased out by D&G, I thought it was the end of my world. Little did I know that it was just the beginning for my even awesome existence. You might ask, why do I wear women's perfume when I profess myself to be a man at every inch. It is because I am super sensitive to smell that brusque fragrance triggers my sinusitis. Light Blue is citrusy at first but when it evaporates in seconds it provides a Jasmine floral tinge which is gorgeously light and essentially effluvious.

Ok, I'm a bit vain. But let me remind you of that KC Concepcion commercial to always look at your best, because you never know who you ran into. Very true, for us journalists.


  1. I hereby pronounced myself.. Guilty! thanks for the crack dude! Need not to worry, your every penny is worth it with that gismo.. Wait 'til I get back home so I can show you the beauty there is with the IPhone(3G).. Your's will be a stand-out! Surely, it'll put you at awe..=)

    But then, don't want to put you in envy though.. but I'm already fiddling with my Iphone 3GS=) "play songs by paul van dyk" voice control while playing your ipod? Without a fuzz=) ;-)

    Epoy c",)

  2. Nice gadgets, as for the MAC powder, I don't think that's gay. Glad it works for you.

  3. @Kate: hahahaha. i love you Kate. i use it during special ocassions lang naman. for everyday use, i'm just using the Mark&Spencers (Iris) Floral Collection Loose Powder. :)

  4. and majority of them are already enjoying their new masters, except for my iPhone 3GS.

  5. true, you have to look good on photos during those events. Oh so you sold some of them pala. I'm pretty sure you take good care of you babies (gadgets), I call my gadgets babies, haha.

  6. @kate: i even honeymooned with my gadgets. whenever i have one, my unboxing should be in a prime posh restuarants. sometimes, out of town, i's always a ceremonial unveiling.

  7. nice, can definitely relate to that. hahaha! it's like birthdays and christmas.

  8. @cafemobility, where do you buy your Kyusoku Bihaku Glutathione? i know this is an old post already so i want to ask:do you still swear by its effectiveness?

  9. @Catie: i bought it from my supplier who happens to carry a plethora of beauty products. and yes, it's effective, although it's a bit pricey. by the sound of it, you may have known that it's a japanese product.


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