Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Nano: Shoots videos only, stills maybe to follow

Everytime Apple initiates an assembly of Mac talks, bigots like me went blustering with frenzy and excitement. The same goes true with the Rock'n Roll event that makes the Mac cult went gaga in prophesying on what could be the next product offering. 

It was at this time when Apple Nano Video was announced, along with other products like iTouch 3.1 and the new breed of funky colored Shuffles.

To be honest, there is nothing distinctive that day aside from the Apple Nano video.  

Although a bit late, at least Apple listened to the series of our whinathon by implementing video technology in its Nano product line. Yes, we're already tired of the crappy videos of the CDR King's MP4 Players. So this offshoot of Nano Video is a beacon of hope and possibly a catalyst for change at how we look at small media players.

The display, which Apple claimed to be 65% brighter than the previous Nano, has widescreen and full screen option. 

Not only does this play dazzling video, it has a camera as well to make one. The caveat though is that Nano camera only shots video and not in still formats. 

Another notable feautures are the FM transmitter and a Coverflow interface that would let you ripple through the album cover and music libraries. 

Slapped with a 2.2inch vibrant screen that displays video at the highest pixel-per-inch density, the Nano is a caper worth watching. 

Annodized aluminum finish makes it look sleek and splendid, although rear panel is shiny but it somehow compliments to my affinity to anything glamorously glossy. 

Price for 8GB is Php8,790 and 16GB comes at a Php10,490.

Any of my friends thinking for an advance Christmas present for their early adopter friend? An iPod Nano 8GB would just suffice for me. 

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  1. Just a supplementary info. to my buddy's review:

    The redesigned Ipod Nano (the big news in Apple "rock n' roll" keynote) combines the best of both world's - the "portrait" aspect ratio that people loved and the exactly the same super high-res. display in portrait mode.. The new slim design which makes it gorgeous to hold, makes Steve tagged it as the "Slimmest" Nano yet..

    The screen is exactly the same size as the old one but it does have some new features such a built in "accelerometer" which is present in the I-phone & Ipod Touch, which allows you to view display in "Landscape" mode (yes, you read it right); the previous Nano only allows you to view coverflow in portrait display, now you can have the freedom to choose from either way, just a slight tilt to horizontal & the display will turn to your preferred viewing angle. Watching stored video and captured clips will be a much more comfortable as well.

    Another feature that I’ve seen in the new Nano is the easy set "Genius Playback"; just by holding the center pad, the Genius will create you a playlist which composed entirely of tracks that you mostly listen to. The new playlist will sit down to your i-tunes once you sync your Ipod. It's another way of setting your playlist though on a different mood but only time will tell whether this is helpful or not (just keep your fingers off from holding the center pad at all times or you will end up having multiple playlist in your i-tunes). Another additional new feature is the ability of the Nano to choose random song just by simply shaking it. The "Shake to Shuffle" which is part of the Iphone/I-touch features, is now part of the Nano line-ups although it seems to be a neat feature but the shake to shuffle was first seen from the Sony Walkmans before. So, nice concept but not that original. The Voice Recorder which has the same functionalities & interface with that of the I-phones is also incorporated as well as "Pedometer" to keep track of your steps & distance while at the gym losing that extra weight..=)

    Nonetheless, the new Ipod Nano now available in 8GB and 16GB is really.. I think.. will be big this Christmas.. Specially that it comes in 8 colors.. A friendly price offer here in dubai as compared back home=)



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