Friday, September 11, 2009

SmartBro and Globe Tattoo: Unrelenting Price Wars

Today's technology is not only dictated by manufacturing cost but by law of supply and demand, mostly. Same goes with services. ith today's rising demand of on-demand internet services, two of the country;s giant telco plummeted their price point to cater to their respective market shares. And lowering the price further to cannibalize their competitors. 

SmartBro had taken the lead in slashing down their price to Php995. Almost half of the original price. 

Now, in less than a month, Globe, from a crippling point of view, rises up with vengeance by offering even more affordable solution, this time it's Php895. 

While they fight ferociously in the arena of online services, the consumers as spectators as the sure winners. 

But only if they wouldn't degrade their service levels to commensurate the huge price decline. 


  1. I seriously hated Smartbro in the long run, at first it was okay, eventually for some reason the signal strength's seemed to lessen. Was really irritating. Good thing we now have DSL.

  2. @kate: i don't use Smartbro now, except when i'm in our province in cebu, which by the way is a one in a million case. :) Sun USB is way faster when in metropolitan manila.

  3. i see. I've been hearing good things about SUN actually, which is rather surprising since sun mobile sucks most of the time. I'm seriously considering on buying the sun then. thanks.


  4. @kate: it's maybe because there were only few users yet so the bandwidth is still huge.

    i noticed that too that sun mobile sucks, it drops most of the time.

  5. maybe so, will have too see about it then. Yes, i'd have to agree with the mobile, it pisses me off sometimes.


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