Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nokia Booklet 3G: Taking flight where Palm Foleo left off

Few years back, Palm released what they called as an internet companion. This is the product way before the advent of what is now known as a netbook. And the time when the word netbook is solely used by Psion for their miniature computing line.

Whatever happened to Foleo is a call to arms of a lot of companies not to churn out similar product that lacks market positioning.

Maybe timing is of the essence since during that time PDA market was so ripe that people wondered what was the Foleo for when almost all features can be done using few licks and taps of a PDA.

Now at the hype of netbook craze, Nokia boldly took cudgels where Palm Foleo left off(and wasn't really able to take flight) released a similar kind and functionality. The product dubbed Booklet 3G. And by the name goes, it is pretty much oriented towards the growing internet market through 3G bandwidth, and to say that it is also an "internet companion".

In the forays of product lines dominated by the Asus and premier computer brands, would Nokia be able to make it in an alreday squeaking market?

Only time will tell but the only bells and whistles Nokia would be banking on is the power management feature which can endure an entire 12hour battery marathon. It's a 3G partnered-flagship feature Nokia offered, aside from the plethora of ports(HDMI and a hot swappable SIM card slot) and a faux-GPS(wifi triangulation) through Ovi Maps.

Comes at a hefty price of Php39,900(converted), this may endear our visual feast but it is wallet damaging.

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