Monday, September 14, 2009

Samsung i8000 Omnia II: Rockstar shine

Samsung has been one of the forerunners of a device with brightest LCD quality. True to its crusade, they have been trumpeting the OLED technology since it came into being. And no diference is the Omnia, Samsung's one of the firsts(if not the first) entry to HDD based mobile phone. Now, the market is staring at the second iteration of Omnia II dubbed by the coded nomenclature of "i8000. "

Competing against the HTC's TouchFlo interface, Samsung came up with its own, TouchWiz. A flagship interface that works like a multitouch shell of the phone's operating system.

The new Omnia has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Sporting on a bigger screen size, gaining half an inch from the first Omnia, it has a 3.7 inch screen and with a monster resolution of 480x800, four times to that of the first Omnia.

Samsung i8000 slapped with AMOLED technology has been brimming with full confidence. And to say that it has the brightest, crispiest, most vibrant resolution among mobile devices is but an underestimation. Imagine yourself surprised at an event but you forgot your camcorder, you pulled up your Samsung i8000, capture video, and wowed yourself on a DVD quality playback. That is something from a mobile phone you couldn't just ignore.

Even if Samsung i8000 deserves rock star status among phones, it still has minor hiccups.

Let's see my collection of fearless rants and festive raves:

What's HOT:
1) fanfare of feautures is centered towards TouchWiz 2.0, winning over HTC's TouchFlow 3D
2) finger friendly menu that you wouldn't need any styli to fiddle interface
3) overhauled and organized PIM functionality
4) robust messaging platform that makes use of landscape and portarit mode, just like iPhone
5) it's a delight when i8000 veered away from Memoir's and Instinct's "full html browser" by making use of Opera Mini as a standard browser
6) DVD quality video recording is a vast improvement
7) excellent audio quality for TouchPlayer playback, employing its propereitary WoW HD, Samsung’s DNSe technology
7) WinMobile 6.1 is upgradeable to WinMobile 6.5 for free

What's NOT:
1) LCD has a plastic cover on the LCD, just like my Samsung i780 which makes images gets a bit washed out upon direct exposure to sunlight
2) plasticky feel makes one think that it is of a low quality material
3) WindowsMobile only limits to 65k colors, my iPhone 3G has 16m
4) just like my i780, i8000 too has noticeable delay in taking pictures
5) i couldn't get the NavFone Plus GPS application to work, just as I couldn't get the Enhanced GPS app of my i780 to work either
6) though it flaunts a barvado of a lightning speed processor and RAM, the lag is just downright noticeable, but maybe we blame it on Microsoft

Samsung may have nailed right this time with i8000 but we hope that they would address the technical flaws on the third iteration.

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