Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Manila Maki at Elizabeth Place, Makati

My irresistible, gastronomic affinity to Japanese food, Maki and anything dipped into the thought-processes-breaking Wasabi being in those lists, spans beyond ordinary and has gone to a whole new level with the Manila Maki sprouting in the metropolitan scene. 

Manila Maki brims of an unassuming, cozier than most fast casual restaurants, by offering a whole slew of maki types from the most spice-drenched to the meat-abound maki to boot. 

Located at the ground level of Elizabeth Place in Dela Costa Makati, it is a welcoming addition to the dining alternatives within the area, a break away from the stereotypical fast food joints. 

Batchoy Ramen - Ramen noodles with thinly sliced pork and chicharon bits in a savory, garlic-shoyu soap base.

Chicken Teriyaki - boneless chicken thigh in teriyaki sauce.

Pinoydon Maki - adobo fresh, Philippine mango and cream cheese rolled in sushi rice.

Crazy Maki - kana rolled in aligue sishi rice with toasted panko topped with kana salad.

Lomi Udon - Japanese Udon with shrimp, pork, kikiam, veggies, and quail eggs in a rich shoe broth thickened with egg. 

It actually has been one of our favorite hang out places whenever we need to unbridle the usual corporate slavery chains around our already weary necks. 

The experience keeps me coming back for more. 

1 comment:

  1. nadaanan ko ito kagabi but i didnt try it out yet coz i wanted to check internet posts about it first.

    so thanks for your post!

    ayan. may idea na ako what to order!


    - iya


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