Monday, May 13, 2013

A Cruise to Corregidor

Fondly coined by the Spanish-American War to World War 2 journalists and historians as the island fortress of the orient, Corregidor is best known for its formidable harbor defenses fortified by coastal artillery and an arsenal of military might. 

It is essentially our own version of Alcatraz, but more than a penal institution, it is also a Filipino and American military outpost and is probably our last frontier of defense against hostile take overs. 

I am not really that well-versed when it comes to history except for weapons of choice during the era(or except for history that involves measurable components like sizing up the remnant matters as echoes of the Big Bang, or how stars are formed during its violent stellar stages) but there are a whole slew of historical materials found in the island when you dock in for a day tour. 

Not so long ago, we had a cruise and a day tour going over to the island which happens to be my Christmas gift for her, so consider this to be an example of history unwritten… until now. 

The view to a kill. It was a lovely view and has a design element of Spanish and American architecture. 

Our tour badge. She has my name, obviously, because it's under my reservation. 

Stronghold installations are a fond reminder of Filipino and Allied gallentry. 

What is a tour without a food, we asked.

Good thing it's a buffet but only limited selection primarily because you only have a limited time in the island. 

We started it out with a soup to throttle out appetite.  

Veggies to aid in the digestion process. You can make your own salad actually with your choice of a dressing.

Her plate has chicken, Paella Rice and veggies. 

My plate consisting off assorted veggies, Bicol Express, and Plain Rice. 

Rice Cake. 

Fruits. They have pineapple and watermelon. 

She's obviously full now and there goes her epithet, BL which at this point means Busog Lusog, but in all instances Baby Love, Beautiful Lady and Blissful Life.

Taken inside Malinta Tunnel in which ghosts(whatever form of matter and energy distribution they yield) are rampantly seen. I couldn't see a thing other than a her beauty haunting me deep into my subconscious. 

The tour costs about Php1,999 per person and is brought to you by Sun Cruises of Magsaysay Lines. 

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  1. Exactly what I prefer!

    Healthy Options. ^ ^,


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