Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Universe from Nothing

"What is the beginning of space and time. Where did our universe come from. What was before time. What is the future state of our universe. And why is there something rather than nothing."

These and more are some of the neurally arresting questions in Lawrence Krauss's book, "A Universe from Nothing." 

Riveting theories pondered by theoretical physicist claimed of a universe, particularly our universe, exists because of quantum gravity. Krauss explained in all with an imminently provocative theories encompassed with wry humor, presenting the physical mechanism, the observable evidence, and the experimented variable on how the universe evolved from what seemed to be a primordial atom that is non-zero in size but close to zero. Beautifully smithed with words, his explanation on quantum field theory is something that most people will understand. 

However claims made by scientists may change in the distant future, as there are astounding theories one after the other that support our current model of physical laws. 

In Newton's time for example, accounts that every matter is a composite of elementary particle, and that is followed by an era where physicists discovered the force carriers  being an important factor that make up regular matters. 

The book though has somewhat fast-paced tone, and perhaps utterly fast-paced for those who are not really into a scientific discipline. While you can understand as how the words cadenced to make up an imagery analogy in your head, there are non-sequitur terms that randomly pops up into existence, such as "vacuum energy" and "negative pressure", which are purely an abstract concept and best understood using the mathematical components of expansion rates, pressure and energy density. 

Whether is will be embraced with reading fanaticism from both religious community and scientific sector, no one would really know. One thing is for sure though, he presented a cutting-edge cosmological model on how nothing evolved into something. 


  1. quite an interesting theory and book!!

  2. I've always thought that "nothing comes from nothing" (inspired by the Sound of Music. LOL). The universe must have come from something, however little. I'm no scientist, so I don't even know if I'm making sense here :)

    1. Pepper: it was once a primordial dot smaller than today's atom but inflated to an almost infinitesimal size.


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