Sunday, April 29, 2012

Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant

Although not the first, Choi Palace may stand as a matriarch establishment of the Choi restaurant group that includes Choi Garden located in Greenhills(it's probably the first), Robinson's Galleria, and the HK Choi by Choi Garden at the SM Megamall. As Choi Palace is tucked in inside one of the country's renowned hotels, Eastwood Richmond Hotel, and facing the mall's veranda, it speaks in itself a certain allude of class and elegance that makes the passersby gets intimidated. But contrary to the belief, the prices were actually very reasonable. 

Much like its Choi Garden Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant in Annapolis,  Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant exudes a grandioise dynasty Chinese era with the dominantly red and gold fixtures and furnitures, round tables, and large aquarium, almost the way every authentic Chinese restaurant is arrayed. 

Lately, the gang of the Tales of the Tongue was joined by the Boss to dine in at the Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant and here it goes.

The courtesy peanuts. I wonder if they serve Tsingtao beer too? 

The main staple, what else but a Yang Chow Fried Rice(Php480 + 10% SC). They say it's good for 6-8 pax, but for MobilityReel and me, it's only good for two. :)

Fried Squid with Salt, Garlic, and Chili(Php320 + 10% SC). The salty ingredient is good to ignite your appetite in full throttle. 

Minced Pork with Eggplant(Php320 + 10% SC). This captured our heart's delight. Despite the strong ingredients, you can still taste the eggplanty flavor. 

1/2 White Chicken(Php450 + 10%SC). Although me and MobilityReel's standard to thyme type of chicken is exceptionally high as we have been eating at Chinese restaurants for the past decade or so, this is close enough to that vein. 

Jelly Fish with Slices of Century Egg(Php350 + 10% SC). This was Trent's first take on this exotic entree. Apparently, he didn't like it. My first take on this was a long time ago, circa 1999, at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao. 

Xiao Long Bao(Php240+ 10% SC). It's a steamed baozi(hence the name) originating from Eastern China. This is usually served along with the dumplings and is eaten using a ceramic soup spoon so as not to drip off its filling and fluid. Also Trent's first, and this time he liked it. 

I ended up too full but still wanting more that the day after, I have to be at the Causeway near my place the moment they opened to eat some more. Speaking of full throttle. 

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