Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cibo: Italian comfort food

For years, Cibo has earned some kind of a gustatory notoriety of being one of the best comfort food places around. Now after several years of existence, it has spawned into several branches already, Greenbelt, Trinoma, Rockwell Powerplant, Corte de las Palmas Alabang, Greenhills, Eastwood, and the one inside ABS-CBN compound. 

It is a no-frill, casual Italian-themed restaurant with the charm of a distinctive side walk cafe sandwiched between upscale boutiques, a nice place to hang out, talk while treating the tongue and not the other way around. 

Together with the daring dining troopers of the Tales of the Tongue, we stormed the Eastwood branch and declared the verdict.

We started it with the Dip Al Forno Cristini(Php235 + 10% SC) - it's a rounded baked bread with a dip.

Trent's order is Farfalle Alla Genovese(Php263 + 10% SC) - mushrooms basil pesto and cream-based pasta.

MobilityReel's order. Pollo Chicken(Php338 + 10% SC) - Pollo Arrosto Limone, it's a roast chicken with lemon, black
pepper and parley rice pilaf.

And mine is the Fontina Pomodoro(Php443 + 10%SC) - it's a roast beef tenderloin, sliced focaccia, fontina and tomato. 

While we are happy of how it tasted, our tummies are screaming "more more more". The place serves a lean recipe and is not a haven to engorge to the last centimeter of your stomach space.  If you just want to hang around, this is a spot for you. But for the gastric monstrosity in us, this isn't enough. 

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