Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pedro 'N Coi Pinoy Pop Chibog at the Fisher Mall

When Kris featured Miss Universe Third Placer Shamcey Supsup’s and her businessman hubby Lloyd Lee's restaurant, everyone just got ecstatic to try it out, as if the dining populace is bitten by a gustatory bug. 
That is true with my lady cousins as well. So the natural gesture of them having to have lunch with me is to go to this place nestled in the nook of the Fisher Mall, Quezon City. 

The nomenclature Pedro ’N Coi is derived from Lloyd’s second name and Shamcey’s nickname. The place is teeming with Filipino motifs, from our national transport, a Jeepney-inspired tables and condiment holders to the typical Filipino community as depicted in famous TV shows like Okidokidoc and Ok Ka Fairy Ko, featuring Doc Aga and Entering Butingting in their design elements. 

It is an unassuming, homey place that is imbibed with are Filipino spirit and tenacity, a fragile balance of Filipino satisfaction despite the scrimmage, with signages like Tubero and other means of living. Obviously, a brainchild of an architecture summa cum laude graduate in Shamcey is what is being exuded in the entire design tapestry -  a personal touch, a detail to the minuscule, a labor of love. 

Even their menu is somewhat iconic: Inasal Raymundo, Joey de Lechon, Belly Flores, Ihaw Moto, to name a few. But let’s look at what we have ordered. 
Peanut as a courtesy appetizer. 
Sizzling Sisig Awww. 
Shooli’s Chapseuy. 
The rice. 
Pata Kang Kare Kare.
Pinoy Lemonade. 
The hungry gastric tank satisfied and so we head down to the only coffee shop in the mall. Surprisingly, the mall is not yet graced by Starbucks, and perhaps the only mall in the metropolis without it, so we ended up sauntering at the SBC instead. 

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