Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bossing's Grill at Ali Mall Cubao

For many years, I have been one of the panellists for the annual Philippine Astronomy Convention. And while I am swarmed by the busy undertakings and underpinnings of the event, I always made sure I will rake my rewards after. 

After dishing out a lecture about planetary terraformation, this time it’s a lesser about gastronomic degustation. And what could be rewarding than to load yourself with sumptuous feast. 
Bossing’s Grill proliferated as a one of the few buffet offerings from the seasoned restauranteur group of business genius Larry Cortez and Exec Chef Mau Arjona, the same group who brought to your Uncle Cheffy, Chef’s Quarter, Kuse, Beurre Blanc, Old Vine and Lorenzo’s Way

So I started off with a lachon. What else than a premium component of the buffet.

Crispy but cardiac-arrest friendly, so take it model

My all time favourite is a sisig, and what else to make it sumptuous than with a barbecue.

Something to get rid of your ickiness.

 And my poorboy tendencies. 

Yup, my poorboy tendency is my affinity to rice noodle.

Over all, it’s all about making most of it, the concept of maximization. At Php299++, it may not be wide-arrayed as most of the mainstream buffet joints that I have been into, but it’s adequate enough for you to be able to make most of it. 

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