Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spanish Roots

A couple of years ago, we tied the knot in a colonial Spanish built-church and had the reception at Spanish-themed restaurant. Fast forward today, we are still celebrating our marriage and our everyday Valentines Day. 
But we look back not only to our marital beginning but to our ancestral roots as well, and went to a Spanish-themed restaurant. And this time around, it’s just us. No photographers dictating us what to do, no guests that we have to mind if they’re comfortably seated and and had a fill with sumptuous feast, no programs and wedding dances, ceremonial accolades and rippling undulations that we have to mind. 

What we missed eating on our wedding, we made sure that we will have our slice everyday of our marriage life. And here are some excerpts of it of our dining lives together. 

We got the entire place for ourselves and these are for today. 
Freshly squeezed citrus Calamondin and a wine bottle.
Lengua Estofado. 
Sauteed Filipino-style noodles.
Sizzling Tenderloin with corn and carrots. 
Home-made Blueberry Cheesecake. 

So while we have an unorthodox, quiet, and simple celebration this time, no bouquet of flowers but on food, we still manage to keep each other’s smile unabated. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

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