Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill

What's so good about anything natural is the wealth of purity you get. Same with dishes cooked in natural fire, you'd get a nonconformist, primal and genuine taste of it. 

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill banks with brimming pride that meats cooked in a natural method would evoke a distinctive smell and taste you can't get from a synthetic heating method. 

Located at the 2nd level, fronting the bay side of the SM Mall of Asia, the place is perfect if you want to saunter by while waiting for a fireworks display every week-end. 

Spotlessly and sparklingly clean, the place is a good place for a private conversation with its nest-like cubicle every table. Sake and other Japanese wines are on display. 

An assortment of sauce awaits you. 

You'll be handed with a chopstick and a small place on your table. 

Appetizer. Kimchi and a bean sprout. They will serve this once only. 

Greens immersed with sesame oil. I got three plates of these. 

Let's start grilling. Shrimp. 

Perfectly sliced beef. I got myself four places of these. 

Thinly sliced pork. I got myself three plates of these.

Chicken. i got myself two plates of these

This is what a kiddie heart like me loves. 

Grill 'em all. 

Almost done.

And some are burnt. :) You can put in a variety of sauce to supplement the taste although I don't really fine it necessary, wrap them with lettuce just as how Koreans would eat it, and viola!!! Devour.

Apart from the bottomless iced-tea, they also have rice till you drop. I didn't bother asking for a refill because it might restrain me from maximizing my meat intake. 

For a price of Php580, you want want to say, I'd rather go for a SamboKojin, Yakimix, or Bono Yaki, but I tell you, the meats here were so delectable, you's keep on asking more. This is the reason why  missed Fra Lippo Lippi concert, but it was well-worth it. 

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