Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toshiba Portege T110: Reglatic red fetish

This may neither earn the notoriety nor the legality of a netbook title, but its lightweight and screen size hits the category. Toshiba has once again hit my laptop fetish by coming out another laptop that's worth my pocket(less).

I am writing a short first hand experience on this unit I am currently considering as my netbook replacement and a main computing workhorse.

Lately, as some of you may know, my netbook, a Toshiba Mini NB205-N310 has been cuddled by the arms of a new owner. And that it has been replaced by a yet another Toshiba of technically a different computing class. Maybe a cross-breed between a full grown- laptop and a netbook. Identity crises it may seem, but I chose this because I can't lug around a huge 13inch notebook and yet couldn't ogle a floor plan and electrical lay out from a 10inch netbook.

I was actually ruminating on the black variant but it is more smudge-magnet than the red one.

So I choose red instead, risking myself for being branded as gender-displaced fella. But hell not, I am every inch a man, at least as I thought myself to be, hehehe. And of course, it's my money dude, I spend it the way and things I wanted, I don't care what others will say, I love this color. I love this Toshiba Portege T110 in goddamn red. Reglatic red, as Epoy fondly tagged its nomenclature, derived from the color of women's menstruation fluid. Total ewwwness...

And from my first few days of use, let me share to your my virginal views. For those who are contemplating of buying this, you may want to read this first:

1) Lightweight
2) Visually enticing
3) Good built quality
4) 11.6inch screen
5) HDD protection(shock sensor technology)

1) For a few-days-used laptop, it is unlikely to have a 4.9% battery wear, even if I tried calibrating it already
2) Grainy webcam
3) Slow processor, so make sure you compliment it by slapping in a higher capacity RAM. I've got a 3GB of RAM in it
4) Sound is too soft. I tried removing the Conexant Peeble Driver, as what other forum suggested, but sound doesn't work at all if I do. Or I may have been doing it the wrong way
5) Only a Windows 7 Basic is installed
6) Smudge magnet, especially the black variant

The product, by the way, is a Satellite T115-S1105 in the US market, but became a high-end SKU in the Philippines as Portege T110. Satellite T115-S1105 costs $479. So adding an estate tax(estimated to be $25) and shipment cost(estimated to be $60), you'd most likely be getting the unit for around Php27-28K. The Portege T110 is being retailed at around Php39k(card price) and Php37k(cash price). A total rip off I could say. But I got mine for Php29K only from a carefully(painstakingly) sourced-out supplier, feels like this is is my reward to self.

Besides, no complain here, Portege is not a netbook, it is a high-end Toshiba laptop.

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