Monday, February 1, 2010

BMW: Be Much Wiser

No, I don't drive a BMW. Although I have been inclining towards my affinity to cars lately, I still don't have the sizable income to even ruminate to acquire one. Recently, I attended the BMW X1 launch. Exactly the same time when a friend from the other side of the bench, este Benz, as in Mercedes Benz invited me to come over to the launch of their M series.

During the launch, it came to my attention that the BMW X1 is priced exactly(or more or less) the same as the X3 model. What werkes!!! Illogical as it may sound, I gravitated towards one of the friends from the press to ask the logic behind the price schemes.

Although, it is an impressive car as it carries the same amazing engine that's in the120d. The idea of placing that engine, combining it with xDrive in a 3-series wagon chassis is in itself alluring.

James Deakin, who did a review of the car for an upcoming issue of C!, said that the ride and the handling are very car-like. It really is a good car. I'm more of a Volvo though than of the BMW so I got sticker-shocked with this one. Overpriced for what it's worth, there are many other (and more interesting) options available for the same amount of money. I love the Marrakesh Brown though.

The only one available here is the BMW X1 xDrive20d, which should translate to around P2.2M before taxes.

Locally, it's P3,890,000.

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