Monday, April 26, 2010

Speed and Showcase

Not that anyone cares, but for those of you who has been with me for the past glorious years of my writing career, you know that there are only a handful of events that I am frequenting to, some are commissioned, some are coerced, while some are done with a better deal of benignity. 

One, a COMDDAP(Computer Manufacturers Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines) where I cover a deluge of digital lifestyle products. Another, an AFAD(Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines) Sporting Arms exhibit, where I can immerse my entire day and practically swim into the shores of my James Bond fantasy. And the one I have recently attended were the Drifting Competition and Transport Show. Each a one week apart event.

Thought unlike most exhibits where i can fiddle gadgets and handguns, transhow is quite different. It's a for-your-eyes-only exhibit where the most that I can do is to ogle and pay homage, rub elbows with my favorite local speed devils and circuit shakers like Angelo Barretto, Pia Boren, and Gaby Dela Merced.

Sadly Angelo wasn't at the lateral drift league but at least Gaby and Pia were there.

While some of my friends were at the Clark International Speedway to both join or jostle, I on the other hand preferred to be left out in my metropolis for the PLDT Lateral Drift Competition. No regrets, this is probably the closest cyclorama of the Fast and Furious' Tokyo Drift. Paul Walker I may not, at least I was able to witness and certainly attest how hard it is to drift even if you have all the right horsepower and torquemanship.

While I fancy cars and weapons, just like James Bond, I admit that I am not really the kind who sifted the science about lane speed and that, but someone sleuthing about light speed instead, and the study of the vast cosmos, a road less traveled.

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