Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avatar 3D: First 3D Movie Experience

It maybe a super post-mortem post, but out of the feeling of ecstasy that I am unable to just keep it to myself, I'd rather share it though.

Last January, people in my midst are raving about the "unalloyed happiness" and a romanticism brought from the movie Avatar. Sure enough, as I get swayed by their movie remarks and reviews, I managed to sneak in to the theater.

Oh yes, my very first 3D experience indeed. Directed by James Cameron, same film pundit that brought to you the movie Titanic, had once again unbridled his ingenuity by coming out of one of the very best full-length 3D of all time. And to say that it is really one of the best is but just an underestimation. This has catapulted itself into tinseltown fame and garnered awards form the prestigious award-giving body.

One thing I have discovered on this 3D though, 3D glasses only works best with 20/20 vision. I ended up donning a 3D glass and to the surprise of many spectators within the movie house, I put up another layer of glasses, this time, my very own eye glasses that corrects my astigmatism and refractive error. This makes it clear and really astounding experience just as if the leaves and the falling particles are falling down on me. Plus, shooting spears that makes me elude myself, and the raging water part also has the realistic effect that brings me a feeling of drowning.

Nevertheless, i went out with full-scale smile on my face that after the movie, I have nothing in my mouth than WOW... CUBAO. I watched it at Greenbelt 3 though, where else than on the movie house near my place.

Watch it, it might just be your first exhilarating 3D experience in the hallmark of your good memories.

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