Saturday, October 24, 2009

Skin sizzlin' your laptop

I started skinning my laptop four years ago via Gmask, whose only laptop skinning outlet is at Greenbelt 1. That was way way back. And way way far from my place of work. Now my Acer Aspire 3620 is collecting dust like magnet, while serving its sole purpose of entertainment, playing dvd to lull me to sleep, or before I sleep.

But true to the apothegm that you'd go far places to make yourself beautiful, same goes true with laptop. Afterall, one's laptop is an embodiment of your personality. Seen in today's teen with laptop the colors of pink and pastels, with the designs of Hello Kitty and Tweety Bird, laptop has been gradually evolving to be fashion statement other than its main purpose of computing slash surfing. Probably competing fashion spots with cellphone's interchangeable housing wayback its heydays, today's laptop also dresses up according to the myriad of user's personality.

But skinning your laptop is not an easy task and is mostly done by professionals, and taking an hour to finish(at least that is what Gmask advised customers as the lead time of service).

Well, gone are those days. Cretouch skins are easy to install and don't require sweat producing glands to work.

Care of Cretouch at, you have plethora of premium skins to choose from, from the wood finish to the leather designs. Short for Creative Touch, Cretouch is your ally in terms of revolutionary make overs on boring laptop lids. My favorite design would be the carbon fiber, maybe drawned by my affinity to cars with carbon fiber hoods.

My gripe with Gmasking my device is that it doesn't come cheap. I remember having shelled out around 3grand for overall maskable area.

Now, I'm glad I don't have to spend a dime as my netbook's lid already has a decent design out of the box. See the similarity of the carbon skinned MacBook above with my Toshie NB205?

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  1. that looks awesome on your laptop. where can i buy it?


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