Saturday, October 24, 2009

How mobile are you

One has to defy the orthodox rule of social lifestyle to be able to answer question like "how mobile are you."

For some, it is measured as to the frequent flight miles they had with their airline loyalty privies, while others think of it as the number of times they are at home versus the lifestyle they lead outside. 

I myself measured it by how I easily adhere working lifestyle with personal ones, while maintaining the ever shifting landscapes. 

You see, I had been always on the perpetual move since I started marketing role wayback God-knows-when. Probably since the time I had my social security ID and TIN number. 

Remember the PocketBell days? When pagers used to be the primary means of contact for mobile professionals? I am one of those donning EasyCall pager on my left waist while Philips Fizz cellphone(analog) on my right. 

Then comes the revolutionary age of the PDA, those electronic brick that poses to be the handy computer via inception of wifi. With my immersion to wwireless technology, I was even featured in a magazine that speaks about mobile sphere in the Filipino culture. 

And now, with netbooks came into fruition, plus the advent of 3G, a promise of mobile lifestyle has even sharpened in massive scale. One can now juggle work at the time of pleasure. An unhealthy combination but considerably convenient. The hussles and bustles in getting confined at the four cornered office is now replaced with cozy and sleazy coffee shops where you can just bring your laptop and cellphone, and viola, the mobile office is with you. Unplug and play is the name of the game. 

One can enjoy the atmosphere of his favorite hang out circuit while not missing business documents and deadlines. 

But as to how far has this reached us is best measured by the laptop shipments in a year. Atom processor doubled sales figure in just a short span of time, cannibalizing the other conventional CPU market. 

It used to be the dictum of the OLPC brainchild to have widespread distribution of portable computers, hence the abbreviation "One Laptop Per Child."

And so it is. Today's Filipino household possessed at least one laptop. Some even has one laptop per family member. 

And the coffee shops' primary amenity don't limit to the variety of palatables and drinkables. In house, store sponsored wifi are already part of the offerings. The doors are not only gracing with menus to choose from but with wifi logo to stay connected, a come-on feature. 

In fact, I am writing this blog in a smoothie cafe while securing my needed break from a Mitsubishi event I was part of, showned by my red Mitsubishi T-shirt and the picture of the exhibit venue. (And it's one of those rarest, priceless moments that I wore rubber shoes on an occasion). A classic example of lifestyle/paradigm shift while traversing different landscapes. Speaking of which, do watch out for the next leg of Montero Sport Challenge by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. 

Until here, I will be back to the event.  

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