Friday, October 30, 2009

Mobile Cowboy's Cuisine Trek

I am neither a food connoisseur nor a resto virtouso. Heck, I don't even know essentially the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand, much more than deciphering hard-to-pronounce continental cuisines. But I have been into lots of restaurants that I can already rule out which of the entrees serves superb sapidity. The rule of thumb is simple, choose whatever is the house speciality. But usually, such concoctions are priced relatively high than other courses. 

Going into Filipino restaurant always make a safer selection and a quite easier way to savor taste without the need to google encyclopedic food jargons. 

After a long and laborious meeting with our client at the UP Ayala TechnoHub, we went to the place that reminds us with our college days in restrospect. Mang Jimmy has been a haven for students along the Katipunan universities. It accurately defines the very term "home-cooking" since it is situated right at the very shard backyard of the man whose concept made the place needless to introduce. 

Unpretentious and utterly simple, Mang Jimmy is a place for mobile professionals(empie's for short, an evolved term from yuppies) to gratify mouth-watering goodness without violating one's shoe-string budget. Located right smack at the MWSS compound in Balara, just a stretch from the UP Campus, it has earned notoriety for serving good food with bang-for-the-bucks value. In fact, our bill barely hits the Php500 mark and the three of us are already satiated with bloated tummies and grotesque forms. 

The only sinful indulgence that we have repeatedly committed that day was to feast over a huge serving of Crispy Pata smidged with home-made sauce. It will even definitely lure diet-conscious and South Beach advocates. You can never go wrong with their sizzling plates and I bet one will never go home with an empty(or even mid-full) stomach. This is probably what my friend Shy means when she describes their home dishes to be "abundance is food." 

They didn't let us pay for our rice when most of it glided to each of our stomach quite profusely. 

Given our speed to be close to a hundred kph, we arrive at the place 4:00PM, started eating 4:20PM and ended up 6:45PM. It was absolutely room-filling. 

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