Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jetson's wedding of the future

It's wedding time. At least that is what I have felt this season, not so much with the forthcoming yuletide break, since it has been a prevailing cycle when we pave way to the -ber months. 

But it is definitely noteworthy when one felt December to be vicarious alternative to June. Maybe because people are bent on receiving huge lump sum of Christmas bonuses and annual incentives. Or perhaps they just simply would like to start a year long being into each others arms. 

Couple of years back, Cat got wed. Few weeks ago, Pen just got married. Now Sha is about to tie knot too with her dearest inamorato. I mean, most of the pals that I have been hanging out with for so long are in one way or another disintegrated into our singlehood circle... gradually.  And ultimately leaving me alone in the circle. 

And speaking of Pen, let me start my story by asking an apology. You know, there are things that I couldn't do in my solitude just so in the present times that I am still nursing a broken heart. Things that would remind me of her, things that would make me long for her, I have been eluding it. I couldn't even watch a movie all by myself, much less than attending a wedding ceremony. It was plainly bad timing and I'm sorry for not attending, for not being there in the most celebrated moment in your life.  

Going back to the heart of the matter, I am neither a bane to romances nor have I possess expert knowledge in the dissertations of marriage and its grandstanding. But I have more or less an opinion on what I want whenever this technophilia that I am decided to walk down the aisle with my bride. Techno-thematics in its finest.

But Catholic Church is flooded with century old "conservatism" which might oppose the cultivation of new, rising radical ideas. So I will try my best to stand on the amicable ground between what is reasonable and what is reformatory, on what is historical and what is hype. 

Given my affinity to cars, I'd start thinking my quentessential wedding picture on settling what car would be used. Partly reminiscent of the Cinderella pumpkin-inspired carousel, this is enclosed in glass, so that my wife can be seen at all angles. I mean hey, she is the queen of her own, she should have the claim of exposure, the right to royalty. Afterall, the difference between a bride and a debutante is the sealed commitment of her eightenth rose.

If having an iPod that plays church music is already an uncompetitive thought in the Jetson's wedding of the future, maybe a wedding ring that has a playback capability to project videos into a screen would make bells and whistles. Yes, a wedding ring that works much like MP4 players slash microprojectors. Projecting into a screen would be quite an extraordinary idea as devices that should have this feature must comply two essential requirements: 1) light bulb small enough but can project large screen dimensions and 2) a battery pack also small enough but can withstand an hour of playback. 

Next is to think of a place that where all these high tech(albeit farfetched) ideas roll into reality. Maybe a dome stationed in the Earth's orbit? Connected into the ground via elevator with cables a tensile strength of the univserse's strongest alloy? 

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