Monday, November 9, 2009

Talents behind technobabbles

I pride myself into knowing how to play piano, of fingering keys up to the frivolities of pianissimo and forte, crescendo and decrescendo. But piano is a defeat to my advocacies of mobility. Had I known it, I would have tried my fingers into strumming guitars same way as Cathy(shown in the picture with me perusing songbook and showing KTV remote) did.

But more than having flexibility of fingers on musical instruments, at the least I can sing. And I can sing adequately better than an average, musically inclined Filipino. Hahaha, call it "brimming a certain degree of fighting spirit." But not only that the people close to me know that I can, I also bagged fair share of modest Sing Along contests during my heydays. Yes, we call it "Sing Along" contest and not the pop-culturally-known singing contest known today. Most of my reportoire were ballads and standards, because those were where my vocal range astutely fits. And during college days, I was branded to be a master balladeer wanna-be who always brings Minus One Tape(there aren't any videoke or KTV sets back then yet) and refuses to relish songs upon the coax of my folks, but ultimately gave in, in the concealed pretenses of an already mastered and memorized song by saying "oh, sige, Side B, naka-rewind na yan ha".

Last Saturday, the G&S Party at Music 21 Timog had been streaming with surprises. I never though one friend named Vic can sing so good, dishing out songs from the renowned pop artist and premiere balladeer Martin Nievera. He rendered the song "How Can I" which is probably one of Ryan Cayabyab's musical virtuouso, but since I'm more into ballads than any music types, I am partial over Willy Cruz's compositions.

Sharon(shown in the photo below wearing red shirt with a balloon inside) has been irrefutably good at that craft. I used the term "irrefutable" because she can draw and lump the crowd together to stage her own concert, just as how she did it during her birthday at the Conway's Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, Makati. I knew it, I was there too. Running a blood of diva's, her sister Ynna won a certain songfest in HongKong.

Going back, I am categorizing(desparaging) shamelessly that piano is a limpid violation of mobility and I was so glad that Cathy not only possesses unparelleled level of confidence, hahaha(sorry dear) but also started to play guitar as well, and she does it for a good cause. For their local church chorale purposes, mainly.

Had I grabbed guitar lessons, I would have had my launching ground to be the 'Jose Feliciano protegee' in the making. Hahaha.

I told Sharon that I refused to immerse myself with alcohol that night because I want to preserve my sense of hearing to discover raw talents behind technobabbles.

And yes I did.

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