Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mobile Make Over

Last Saturday had been reeling with so much fun and fervency. I realized how lucky I am still to be in the Philippines, despite the perpetual bullheading of my folks to go abroad.

Where can we ever find repertory of goods and services heaped in one spot than in the land of the orient pearl. Philippines is teeming with everything you can find in one cornucopia. We have a relatively wellspring of everything we need, and all of them are stacked in a zoning order. For computer parts slash peripherals, there's Gilmore. For pets and household cuddly lollygags, there's the Libertad. For electronics, there's the Raon. For shutterbug like me, all sorts of photo paraphernalia can be found at Hidalgo. For car parts, Banawe is replete with all kinds of car set up bounties, in almost all car brands you can think of. For almost everything under the sun, there's the treasury of it at the Divisoria.

So there we went at Banawe to check out some cool car craze dress up. stereo set, side skirts, side mirrors(be aware of the anti-fencing law, unless the side mirror sold to you is your very own), mufflers, and tiremags. While the hair makes or breaks one's look in a human being, a tiremag is the crowning glory of the car. It is like putting a new shoes to your automobile. The plethora of it abounds in Banawe.

And speaking of hair, after our mobile make over, we headed off to J23 Glam Salon and Spa for some urban pampering, a fair treat from a sweat-breaking day of price haggling with the Banawe folks.

For every person's first visit, one can get to enjoy a 10% discount on all its services. Butt because my friend has a gift of gab and undeniably a charm like no other, we were both offered with a 10% off too on its gift cheques worth Php500 and Php1000 respectively. A cheapskate that I am only gets thePhp500, enough for me to avail of their spa session on my next visit.

The long day obviously sends our stomach in deprivation. So we drive from Timog all the way to Cubao and filled our gustatory room at the Gateway foodcourt, with only a handful of bills left we have on hand. Our budget may have been squeezed, our day shrunken, but it was well worth it; it was a day conspicuously capitalized.

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