Friday, November 6, 2009

Starbucks Planner 2010: Self-imposed gift for your mobile lifestyle

What is it on every Christmas season that people are bent on spending thrice the amount of frappuccino and twice the three special featured beverage just to get the December's most-sought-after folio, the Starbucks planner. Why has it evolved into an urban lifetsyle habit to grab one everytime the month kicks in the -ber affixation. 

Quite frankly, I am only able to drink the Dark Cherry Mocha during November and December. And yes, not only because I have diabates that I only tend to loose myself a bit when it comes to what is restricted and what is regimental(it is in these season that abundance is apparent in the horizon), but because I also want to race against time to grab a planner that I don't even use the entire year. 

I know I am only partially paperless when it comes to keeping the personal information management intact. But when it comes to contacts, appointments, and task lists, I don't use any Filofax or planners. I don't even jot down meeting minutes on a piece of paper, but rather, highly rely on Notepad installed in my Windows based netbook that I carry almost everytime due to its mobile practicality.

Have you noticed how kids gets discernible excitement whenever Christmas frenzy is in the air, as they expect to be harboring with their coveted toys left and right from their godparents? Well, adults too get that same shivering feeling in the sheer luxury of completing Starbucks stamps. More like a heralding trophy of triumph after a long surge of urgency; the difference is that you can only have this out of your own pocket. 

I asked one of the colleagues why such a behavior among us coffeeshop parasites, as if I am asking a professional opinion from a psychographic point of view. He said it isn't the planner but the thought that a large portion of the proceeds will go to the UNICEF. 

Maybe I too have that same rectitude. And I have just been to Starbucks to get my Nth stamp. 

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  1. I was hesitant to get 2010's planner for the same reasons as yours. But since you mentioned that proceeds will be put to good use, I'll be getting my first ever stamp.


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