Sunday, August 16, 2015

Orient M-Force Beast: An Everyday Watch

I am the kind of person who gets gravitated by the sheer elegance and ornate beauty of a lovely timepiece, that whenever I pass by Rolex, IWC, Omega, Audemars Piguet shops, I usually would stop by, as if my eyes gets fixated into a hypnotic trance that let me dispense my (imaginary) exuberant bank account. 

However, these are typically the witches that I may only wear on a 'black tie event', to which I don't frequently go to. 

So in my prodding to have a cheapskate watch that is not harmful to the hard-earned savings and does not tolerate fictitious fatty imagination, I have come across Orient watches, particularly M-Force variant. 

Despite the fact that there's already a newer iteration of the M-Force model that year, I still choose the lefty "Beast"(EL06) model. For one, though they may have relatively the same specs, I am just privy about the 2014's EL07 single lug bracelet. (Who knows, I might upgrade my skillet and add serious diving into it that I have to use Nato straps)

So let me account the deal-breakers of my decision points:

- It's made in Japan. And I usually put high stake in Japanese products
- It's a solid timepiece(sturdy built, solid end links, thick spring bars)
- It has an ISO 6425 certification as a diver's watch
- It has a power reserve indicator(I don't have to guess how much winding will have to make to set it into full power)
- It has an incredibly bright lume
- And the most important thing is that it's Sapphire glass(it is meant to remain flawlessly fresh despite the number of years being used)

And I have been wearing this watch for almost two months now. And so far it has served its purpose well. I am alternating this with my Swiss-made watch and another Japanese, from Orient's parent company, Seiko GMT watch. So essentially I have all of them for a purposely driven lifestyle, one is for beach hopping(I don't know how to swim though), another for driving(I don't race though), and another for world traveling(I haven't travel a quarter of the world yet). 

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