Saturday, January 8, 2011

Convergence of the astro minds

Because the Philippine Astronomy Convention is fast-approaching, our group will be busy doing the logistical legworks of the event. Last Friday, we converged for a meeting at the Bo's Coffee, SM MOA to discuss the event highlights drilling down to the details of it.

Unlike Newtonian equation, or General Relativity Theory, event advertisement has no binding formula to a probable success, so we may mainly rely our advertising efforts to the SM Nido - Science Discovery Center for this event.

For those of you who are not really bent into astronomy, it is essentially an expo fusing in the finest minds and technologies for astronomy, which is actually a diverse field. I, for example, am inclined towards astrophysics, our PRO Dr. Armand Lee specializes on observational astronomy, our president James Kevin Ty leans towards digital astrophotography, while Iranian national astronomer Bob Parhizkari dwells on time lapse astrophotography.

This will be an exciting year and a relatively laborious one for me as I am about to dish out a lecture in tangent to the SDCs "Passport to the Universe".

What does this mean for my folks at work: I will be endorsing some reports analysis to some of my colleagues. For my readers: I would be laying low in my foodie lakwatsa(restaurant gallivanting) as I am slated to produce this lecture impeccably.

In the photo were the following along with their fields of specialty: James Kevin Ty(President), Bobby Parhizkari(astrophotography - time lapse), Andrew Ian Chan(chairman), Dr. Armand Lee(CEO of MOA AstroCamp), Christopher Lu(astronomy - cosmology), John Ray Cabrera(astrophysics), Amir Mohammadi(astrophotography), and Mohammad Fahimi(astrophotography).

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