Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tranformer USB Drive: Might of the miniature

Not a stereotypical mobile gadget. And could be nothing more than those Starwars or Sushi inspired USB drives but my Macross affinity tells me that this is worth totting for.  Though it looks like a Voltron in lone rampage, the logo states it being that of a Transformers. 
It has been predicted that in a not so distant future, Soundwave would evolve into an MP3, but what about his vinyl or cassette based cousins? The Oracle's answer, a USB drive.

Transformer-- Ravage, AKA Tripredacus Agent carries a $42.99 price tag on a 2GB capacity. 

Shipping starts on September this year, which is a long delay in line with the "Revenge of the Fallen" release.

Reminiscent of a Transformer type wrist watch when I was 7years old, this one is just soooo cool to have and to hold... and to brag. 


  1. I have this as well, but the jaw broke. It's one of the cool usb's to have.

  2. @kate: where did you get it. baka naman kase pinagsabong mo sa ibang jollytoys. :)

  3. haha, hindi noh! bigay lang ni BF but gave it back to him rin.


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