Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On that Presumed Alien Megastructure in KIC 8462852

KIC 8462852 - News broke out about this star with dramatic dip on its brightness, purposely caused by an alien megastructure(hypothesized by some to be a Dyson sphere).

Using Kardashev scale(a measurement model to determine a planetary civilization's technological advancement based on the usable energy requirements at its disposal), it is said that race who are able to harness the power of its entire star belong to a Type ll civilization(human race is a type 0 civilization). Either they suck up the power of parent star or that they make use of the hydrogen materials from a nearby star by an orbiting reactor of a truly immense scale.

Now, if the KIC 8462852 is some 1,500 lightyears away, then we have witnessed the phenomena 1,500 years ago. And that means that by now, most likely they have made a technological leap already from having to harness the power of their star into something else. Maybe they are already transitioning into harnessing the power of their galaxy(active galactic nuclei). So even if we direct our powerful telescope array into this star, chances are we might not be able to find anything.

Note that from the time we started using fire to the time we ventured into space only took a hundred thousand years, how much much from a Type ll civilization to explore other energy sources, which they can actually transition in an exponentially speedier manner and in a similarly smaller time scale.

A friend of mine(from the non-scientific community) suggested that why don't we jet go there an witness it ourselves. Well, the suggestion is as outrageous as the assumption that it might be driven by a Klingon-based technology(physicists don't put "alien" into an equation to resolve a certain phenomena). 

Provided that we use New Horizon as our interstellar ship as it is already hurtling into the far end of the Solar System, our vehicle is only traveling at 50,000 km/hr, then it would take us roughly around 27 million years to go there.  

Cryogenic sleep in a anti-matter fueled ship for interstellar travel, anyone? 

Photo used in this article is merely grabbed from the internet.

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