Sunday, September 6, 2015

Four Seasons Hotpot Buffet in San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia

The last time I recall I had a grand steamboat experience was in Singapore, and although relatively affordable as compared to the mainstream Singaporean restaurants, my pocket was still aching and bludgeoned in a Singaporean dollar. 

Thankfully, we already have a local steamboat experience to boot. Four Seasons, is the newest hotpot haven in the metro, and is a brainchild of the famous Vikings Luxury Buffet group. 

With bright lighting fixtures, exuberant furnitures, and lavish design elements, the interior screams of a modern tapestry. This is probably one of the best hotpot dining sphere I have tried, with a vast swath of ingredients, a wide assortment of fresh vegetables, and an array of premium thin cut meats from beef striploin, top blade, shortplate, pork belly, jowls, and others. 

Let's what is up for gastronomic grab:

My plate.

BL's plate.

Our desserts. 

Our hotpot. a Chicken soup with Sate and a Vegetable soup with Chinese herb. I added some seasonings (secret) to make the taste richer. 

Four birthday celebrators in one astronomical fold, everybody's happy. 

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