Monday, November 5, 2012

On Theory and Law

I have come across a college classmate of mine saying that "heck, the Big Bang is just a theory."

You see, we, men of science, have stopped using the word law right now, because a law might violate the future's random probability. 

To give you an example, philosopher J Carrol once said that "All gold sphere's are less than a mile in diameter." Sure it is, and it can be easily be put into a law as nobody had created a gold that big yet, but what if someday a certain Arab Sheikh will spend all his fortunes creating one. 

That is is just good as saying that "all Uranium 235 are less than a mile in diameter." Again true, and it can be one of the laws of particle physics because once Uranium 235 will reach beyond its critical mass, or more than six inches in diameter, it would become unstable and will kaboom into a nuclear explosion. But what will stop one mad scientist from creating one. 

So saying that a law has a higher degree of veracity than a theory is even a misnomer. 

Even existing laws are consistent on a certain set of conditions only. They are true at a particular mathematical length. Look at Newton's Law of Motion, it has all its drawback once the velocity is nearing the speed of light. Not only does it have a problem on high speed, there are also restrains from space contraction, spontaneity and mass variability. That also goes true with the Theory of Relativity which breaks down to explain the conditions of a Black Hole and the physics before Big Bang. 

What I am saying is that the LAW has much same intensity of candor and truthfulness there is as with a THEORY.


  1. Wow... I know i'm having a headache right now because i lack sleep... I think i'll stick to that reason... =D


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