Friday, December 30, 2011

Shakey's cravings after a hard day's work

When I say I reeled by the apothegm that says "fast-food on week days, fine dining on week ends", I meant fast-foods to be Kenny Rogers, Bon Chon, or Shakeys.

Unless I am in a no man's land where the only chains that were able to penetrate are McDo and Jollibee and when my life hangs in the balance is perhaps the only time that I may take them. Not that I have anything against them, but I felt like spending a few hundred bucks more, I can get a decent meal at Bon Chon.

And after a grueling night from work, Shakey's is the only closer spot to have a dinner.

Started it off with courtesy Garic Bread - oven-baked bread with garlic butter sprinkled with bits of parsley.

And now here comes the order, Deal Number 2 consisting of Spaghetti Platter and.... I don't like the pasta though because it felt so diluted and lacks fullness. I like the formerly Fazoli's pasta better.

Buddy Pack Chick n Chips(consisting of 5 chicken and a Mojos) and…

A large thin-crust Manager's Choice Pizza, loaded with ham, Italian sausage, beef, green bell pepper, and onions, plus a pitcher of iced tea.

For a price of Php835 + 10% SC, I ended up so full that I was in almost at a comatose state screaming for my dear bed to lull me to sleep.


  1. favorite ko ang pasta ng shakey's

  2. @Kate: ok sana, hindi nagsa-sog yung noodles. kaso mas gusto ko sana malapot yung sauce. malabnaw kase sa shakeys eh.

  3. I love Shakey's Mojos and Chicken! Ang sosyal mo naman, favorite ko din kaya ang McDonalds kaya lang yung daughter ko mukhang Chicken Joy.... so I'm kinda stuck with the big bee..huhuhuhu

  4. @Peach: nyahahaha, kumakain pa rin naman ako mcdo at jolli, pero sobrang seldom at kung may magtetake out lang, nagpapasabay nalang ako. but not really dining in. :)

  5. teka, parang gusto ko mag Shakey's dahil sa post na ito...

  6. @Luscious E: saan, sa Glorieta? dami tao dun, standing ovation palagi teh.


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