Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shun by Shutters

I don't know how much the camera have changed the way we live, as much change as the way it had been. Camera, once touted as apremium staple for the rich and famous, has evolved into a daily must-have's in the digital necessities. 

Invaded by film during the early eighties, now it has spawned into a filmless(purely digital) technology with the advent of storage devices like flash disk and external memory cards(CF Cards, SD Cards, xD cards, etc). Now, shooting a subject can be almost seamless, almost as it still depends on the capacity of your flash disk. But if you're always brining your laptop, the limitation of shutterbugging can be highly scaled down to being-no-limitation at all, except for power depletion, as it solely relies on its portable battery to jazz it to life.

My earliest recollection of the myriad of conventional photography is through the use of Kodak Instamatic. But the technology is unstoppably raking with speed and rigor. On what has been a black-and-white photos(exemplified by the wallphoto of me at the middle and my brothers sandwiching on both sides) that I do have is now inspirited with full color and zest. On what was once a delayed appreciation after from lengthy rigging at the blackroom can now be viewed almost instantenously through its LCD preview. 

So much have changed. yet so much has to be learned too. Now there are a lot of things to consider, ISO setting, focal intensity, zoom ratio, aperture scaling, shutter speed, and a lot more can inevitably make your head dizzy, and with each shot that spells further hardware improvement, one will have to keep abreast in upgrading parts, making photography one of the most expensive hobbies around. 

And now, with the chiming pity a friend feels towards me for having always had to borrow my brother's digital camera, he decided to hand one for me. Oh, the people aroound me are such angels. That will surely hone my composing eye for photography. Who knows, I will be holding a photo exhibit soon. Or my spectacular snaps might be featured in the National Geographic. 

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