Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alba Restaurante Español

Aside from our affinity to festivities, with all sorts of mardi gras in most of our islands, and our ardor for performance arts, the hispanic influences of Salsa, Rhumba, Pachanga, Paso Doble, and some Latin artists like Jose Feliciano, Selena, Julio Iglesias, and Shakira, and the 90's wave of Latinovela, there are more to these Spanish colonial detente to our cultural roots.

That influence permeate through our culinary sphere. Our very own Adobo is in fact a Spanish marinade for meat.

Lately I took my lunch at Alba Restaurante Espanol, located at QC premiere restaurant straight,Timog. It has been a legacy restaurant by Don Anastacio de Alba(is he related to the late Panchito Alba?) and a haven for family milestones like graduations, weddings and christenings.

It was nominated as Best Spanish Restaurant during 2008's Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, but had lost to Terry's Selection. Nonetheless, I like the Alba for its traditional Spanish way of doing things, with a background music that had me singing Besame Mucho, Quando Caliente El Sol, and Regresa A Mi.

Callos a la Madrilena.

Lengua Sevillana.

Pescado Polaris.

Chuletas de Pollo.

Berenjas al Horno. This is cheesy delicious.

Tortilla con Budin.

Croquetas de Pollo.

Chorizos de Alba.

Pescado Al Pil Pil.

Linguini al Pesto. It's essentially a soury Italian pasta mixed with hot Spanish sauce.

Alba Rolls or French Bread. It comes with different dips to choose from, Garlic Mushroom Pate, Quezorizo Pate and Sardines Pate.

Ensalada de Catalunia.

Calamares Escabeche. I still like the Cebuano home-grown escabeche.

Tabla de Embutidos.

Cerdo Frito.

Lechon de Leche. Sounds really familiar, tastes delicious but a word of caution though: Warning: A profuse amount will make you use your health card. :)

Ensalada de Fruitas.

Chocolate Praline Cake.

Canonigo. it's just a Spanish version of the French's Ile Flottante or Oeufs a la Neige.

Mango Jello. Kids love it. Or the kid in me.

Separate from buffet price, I paid Php95 for the Fresh Calamansi Drink.

Roast Suckling Pig. I want it dipped with vinegar and soy sauce but they only have the Mang Tomas-like sarsa.

Callos a la Madrilena and the Berenjenas Al Horno combo.

Fresh greens with Chorizos De Alba on top.

I got the cherry on top of the Mango Jello.

Ensalada de Fruitas and some fresh fruits.

And last of the Mohicans, my Chocolate Pralie Cake with Mangos from the Mango Jello.

The place is a little bit cramped, especially during peak hours, and you have to sidestep when going to the men's/ladies room. And because I despise crowded places, I immediately ejected myself and headed to Tagaytay for a week end cold and breezy sojourn.

The Php450 price point(original price is Php715) doesn't include drinks. But don't worry, their drink selection doesn't cost an-arm-and-a-leg.


  1. OMG! Lengua espanol!! I miss! :(

  2. @Charles: their meats are also delish, like the chorizo.

  3. Lengua and Lechon pa lang sold na ako.. and I think the price is very affordable for the spread....

  4. @Peach: gusto ko maging vegetarian and foodie at the same time pero di ko magawa. just looking at your site, di ko magagawang talikuran ang karneh.

  5. @Rome: i like it when you said it. :)

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